Building Products from Eldorado on Shopify (Adult Toy Store)


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Drop Shipping Documentation

Eldorado supplies a large number of products for drop shippers. If you are new to Eldorado or to Shopify, this documentation will assist you with getting your products published. If you have questions please send them here.  

Creating a Product

You will need to sign into your Shopify store and from the admin click on the product link on the menu on the left.

Product Page

From here you will be taken to the main product page. You will click on the Add product button at the top right corner of the page. You can’t miss it-it’s the big blue button. :)

Add Product

This will take you to a blank product page that looks like this:

Product Page

At this point you need to open your Eldorado store link. This will take you to the product catalog:

Eldorado Catalog

You can now choose a product from Eldorado and begin the process of creating the product on Shopify. Choose a product (in this case we have chosen Ann Devine Rhinestone Collar & Cuffs which is under Body Wear.

Eldorado Product

Making the product is extremely easy. At this point, all you need to do is copy and paste the appropriate information to the corresponding boxes on you Shopify Product page. Here is an example:

 Copy and Paste Product Info

Don’t forget your price, sku and upc:

 Enter Price, Sku, ups

Your inventory should be set to Shopify tracks this products inventory and the Quantity should be set to what Eldorado shows as available. This is located next to the add to cart button:


The price that is showing in Eldorado is the wholesale price. You will need to mark up this price to what you desire to make on it. Shipping is not included in this price so you must either include it or use the Shopify upgrade for a premium store which has a shipping price feature. If you need assistance with shipping prices go here.

In Eldorado, you can use their photos which are found under Resources/Image Library the photos in the library typically have multiple photo angles for different views. You can access the photo you need by using the product ID search on the right side of the page. Just enter the SKU or the UPC and you can access the photos you need.

Getting Photos

Once you have downloaded the photos you need you can upload them to the product on Shopify. This is done in the image area of the product page.

Image Upload

Image Upload Complete

All that is left now is the Organization of the product and its visibility on the store.

Visibility and Organization

In the area of visibility, I recommend clicking all of the boxes to be active. This allows you to expand your selling at a later date without having to go back and change the products. Under Organization you will click the product type and enter the type of product it is. In this case it is Body Wear. The vendor is Eldorado because this is who you are purchasing from.

You will tag this item in accordance with the collection that you wish for it to filter into. (This will become clear in the Collection documentation) In this instance the tags would be what you believe this product fall under such as Body Wear, Clothing, BDSM, etc.

Once you have finished tagging the product, just hit save at the top right or bottom right of the product page and you have completed your first product. You view the product on your store by clicking on View button at the top of the page. This will open your site to the product page in a new window.

Before you post anymore products please look at the documentation for collections.  You should also realize that you are using Eldorado descriptions and this classifies your products as duplicate content which will not rank well.  You will need to consider content strategies to fix this problem. This is extremely important for Shopify stores. 


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