Content Development

Commercial Writing Services – A more sustainable and economic Marketing Approach for Companies


Commercial web content is an important aspect of the online marketing function. Unlike marketing in the past the company’s web content does more than just market the brand or provide information.  Today, companies are judged on their website’s content which provide credibility to clients as well as information concerning services. Outdated content or webpages can seriously damage the integrity of the corporation.  The first thing people do when they encounter a company is examine its website. If they are not impressed or they do not feel that the site has been tended to properly this a mark against the business.

Multiple Openings for the Marketing Funnel

Content such as blogs provide direct access to your marketing funnel. The more content and the higher the quality, the more opportunity there is for your customer to find you and enter your marketing funnel. Unlike other forms of marketing, web content works continuously to bring new customers to your company.

Content over Social Media Advertising 

Has your company lost money on Facebook Ads?  Do you have a difficult time determining the ROI from these ads?  Can you really justify the cost of social media?  If you have found yourself asking these questions you are not alone. Social Media advertising costs a tremendous amount and it is questionable in its results. In 2012, GM pulled over $10 million from paid Facebook ads citing that they were not delivering.   One of the primary issues with social media advertising is that it takes a tremendous amount of trial and error in order to determine what works and what doesn’t. It also has to take the consumer from the social media site to another site in order to convert, or it must acquire emails for more marketing effort.  Content marketing makes more sense because it gets the intended customer to land on the company site which is ultimately where they need to be in order to convert.

WEB content is much more Cost effective than Running Ads

It is more logical to pay a one-time charge for a blog or article than to continuously pay for social media advertising.   When a $100 blog is posted on your website and this gives your company an asset.  That one-time $100 cost provides a continuous advertising for people searching the WEB who may find the blog either through topic or product searching.  In contrast to web content, social media ads are a continuous cost that can easily go into hundreds of dollars per day.  When you stop paying they stop working.  Articles and blogs keep working long after you paid for them. They are an investment.

Content is Sharable Across Multiple Media Channels for Free

Unlike social media ads, articles and blogs provide sharable content that can be used for different purposes:

  • They can be used to engage or reengage customers through email marketing
  • They can be shared on social media at no cost
  • They provide linkable content to your site
  • They provide content that can be bookmarked

How do I know it works?

You know it works because it is the recommended method by search engines to gain traffic.  Google and Bing recommend building engaging content on your website in order to drive traffic.  They don’t recommend buying Facebook ads.   Content is the backbone of the internet. It is the means by which consumers find what they are looking for on the web.  If you sell a product that profits $100, and you purchase a blog for $100, the breakeven on that blog is 1 purchase.  A relevant and quality blog will return many more purchases across years.

How much content does a company need?

You will always need content in order to maintain your rank in search results. New content is prized over old content and this means that adding new relevant content to your company’s site will keep the company relevant in search engines.  The amount of web content you need is based on what it takes to get your website traffic and sales moving.  Most customers will invest heavy into the content and then reduce the volume of this advertising as it begins working. It is not necessary to continue posting 30 articles a month indefinitely.  Once the content has entered the search engine it will work over time and the company can scale back its investment.   The key to content is that it should be posted consistently meaning that the company should not post 100 blogs in June and then nothing until next year.

We have created a number of commercial content plans that are designed to fit different budgets. There are large plans for reducing cost as well as starter plans that allow for your company to test the blogs to see if they are the right fit. Keep in mind that web content works over time continuously so traffic builds over months and years unlike social media which pushes large amounts of poor traffic all at once. If you have questions please feel free to contact us to setup a consultation.