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Development is an expensive undertaking due to the many unknowns involved in the process. Projects such as application and content development present unique challenges in estimating time for completion and cost.  

CCI Funding Content Development

For example, if an application is being developed that will eventually be marketed, this application must be programmed and tested.  During these development phases, any number of delays can occur such as coding issues or conflicts with external software etc. These delays are difficult to plan for and can be costly. Luckily, the end result of the product is, in most instances, extremely profitable because that same application will be sold many times for years. As a result of this situation, we have created a system for borrowing that allows you to make money and remove the need for us to borrow large amounts of money or use working capital loans which can cause issues with cash flow. Below you will find 30, 60, and 90 day promissory notes which you can purchase and will provide you with substantial interest on your money in the short term.  Please read over the terms listed on each promissory note prior to purchasing one. Thank you.

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