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I wanted to take some time to discuss marketing tactics. There is an issue that many of you are already wrestling with now and that ties in with using Facebook. The practice of using Facebook as a primary marketplace is an extremely risky proposition. This practice might be different if you were using FB advertising but since no one is allowed to do that, this greatly diminishes your market.  Ideally, you would want to use FB to build brand and product awareness, then shift potential buyers into email and other lists. At the end of this funnel, the potential consumer becomes a customer either purchasing through email or on a landing page (website).  

Marketing Funnel

The problem becomes clear- the current practice of selling on FB omits all channels other than FB. While FB is a great channel, it is only one channel for marketing and this is limiting your marketing capability.

Internet marketing

Notice how social media (FB) is just one of the many facets to an internet marketing strategy.  In order for you to create a sustainable long term business you must create multiple channels for marketing online. This means using blogs and other content as a way to gain traffic from the WEB. LulaRoe has a strong market but it is currently being crushed in FB groups. This is why Lula Gala was built- to solve this problem of limited market awareness. But this is just one answer, the real question is, “what can you do to improve your marketing?”

It may seem like you are trapped in a marketing issue because of the rules and policies that prohibit you from advertising but this is merely a challenge. I am going to show you some basic marketing tactics that you can use to take control of your business. First, buy a domain and setup a blog. While you cannot sell from the blog you can use the blog to direct traffic to your parties. Blogs are a great way to raise awareness for your products and to build a clientele. Consistently, posting a 500-1000 word blog every month will over time build your business. You can talk about your products, prints, designs, and other aspects of your business. You can also post to Facebook whenever you publish a new blog which will help shift customers from FB to your site. So now your marketing looks like this:

 Cross converging media

Now let’s add in Pinterest. No, you are not going to be selling but you are going to be posting one of your great photos and writing under it “Great Amelia!” Now you have another connection to your seller profile and to your blog:

Cross converging media 2

You are cross converging social media which enhances your ability to sell by increasing your opportunities for buyers to find you. You have to consider the fact that there are many channels for marketing and you need to be in all of them because not all potential buyers use the same channels. Some people use Pinterest over Instagram and vice versa.  So, you need to do this with Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites. Every channel you create must drive the potential buyer either to your seller page and should tell them when and how they can get involved in a sale.

Marketing online is all about creating opportunities for buyers to find you. Online sellers often become overly focused on displaying their product. Marketing is really more about engaging the client. Serious marketers try to engage their customer in all different ways. Here is something that is cool way to market and it can get you in the search engine a couple of different ways.

I have my blog and I am linked into social media and my seller profile page but I am a serious marketer and this is just not enough for me. So I look at my products and I see that Carly is one of my best selling items. I want to sell more Carly dresses so I buy the domain Carlydress.com I now write a really nice blog about the Carly and add lots of pictures to engage the potential buyers. Because the domain is named Carly Dress it drills down on the people who are looking for this item. I can create its own FB page and connect it with other social media as well.  Now I have expanded my media channels and I have created a targeted approach to marketing specific goods.   

Cross converging media3

As you can see, there are many ways to expand your online selling without using FB exclusively. It is a mistake to try to sell in this manner because you are limiting your market dramatically.

You might think you don’t have time to write all these blogs but in truth its not as much work as you might think. Writing 500-1000 words once a month is the minimum and this will have an impact over time. There are also some forms of content that are great for search engines and they are easy to write:

20 Great Things About LuLaRoe

The Five Best Carly Dresses

My Favorite Amelia Dress

These are easy to write pages because they are not long and you can use photos to engage the customer. There are many ways other than FB that are effective marketing methods and you should be exploring all of them.