Started in 2014 as a WEB development and marketing company, Creative Concept Industries has been slowly evolving into a content development and publishing firm. With this evolution in core competency, it was only fitting that the company alter its image and content to be more focused on writing.

My name is Vincent Triola, and I am the owner of CCI. I am a professional writer with over ten years of experience writing academic, WEB, and marketing material. In the last few years, I have been shifting focus into fiction and other forms of entertainment writing. This change led to the publishing of several of my own books as well as collaborations with other writers. While I still develop WEB content for clients, I am only taking on select new clients and will no longer be working in a marketing capacity with the exception of existing clients. This shift in focus to writing has led to a restructure of my company and new vision:

Create content that challenges, entertains, and improves the world.

The CCI mission is now:

To provide the highest quality content that fulfills the needs of the client.

CCI offers content development services.

If you are looking for Shopify Development, you will also find these services listed on the menu along with hosting, email, and related services.